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Description of My Diet Coach - Weight Loss Motivation & Tracker

√ Keep your motivation alive with inspiring tips, photos, good points and rewards

√ The best weight loss tracker

√ Lose weight fast and naturally and get into fitness by taking up small healthy lifestyle changes

√ Way much more than just a calorie counter and a weight chart

My Diet Coach – Win the mental game of dieting!

Join the thousands who already lose weight with My Diet Coach - You can do it too!

*** So, how will My Diet Coach help you lose weight? ***

My Diet Coach will help you find your inner motivation, help keep you on track, let you make healthy lifestyle changes and resist food cravings, emotional eating, avoid exercise laziness and other weight loss difficulties:

• Set your goal (We'll help you to achieve it)

• Track your progress (New! Visual weight tracker – See your lost weight "drop off"…).

• Get reminders of what's important (Your goal, motivational photos and reminders for your next exercise class)

• Take up small, healthy lifestyle changes - You'll never forget to drink water again!

• Boost your weight loss motivation with our inspiring tips, quotes, good points and many other tools

• Be rewarded for your success - it's a lots of fun and super motivating

✓ My Diet Coach is Inspiring and original with its colorful graphics - no other app is like it! That's why My Diet Coach was featured in top publications such as Forbes, The Next Web and CBS News.

*** Your new life is just one tap away. You’ve got to try it – It's free! ***


We all know that in order to lose weight you just have to consume fewer calories than you burn. Sounds easy, doesn't it? But simply knowing this doesn't make losing weight any easier at all. While other apps might offer just a calorie counter or a weight chart, My Diet Coach offers a full set of motivational and lifestyle changing tools:

1. Customized reminders – Quickly boost your weight loss motivation and make small, healthier changes:

• Remember your goal

• Motivation - Pop-ups of your before and after photos

• Drink water

• Always be prepared with healthy snacks

• Remember your exercise class

• Take a look at your weight chart

• And much more!

2. Visual weight tracker

• The tracker is a fun, motivational and inspiring way to log your weight - Visually see and track how much you've lost so far (Much better than a simple weight chart!)

3. Daily challenges program which will help you to:

• Be more active and improve your fitness - Take the stairs instead of the elevator; Do some squats before sitting down

• Eat healthier and improve your nutrition - Keep your portion size down; Fill half of your plate with vegetables

• Improve your self control - Avoid sugary drinks and high calorie fast foods; Avoid snacking in front of the TV

• Lose body fat and increase calorie burn

• Get “Healthy Lifestyle” points for your achievements

4. Your motivation photos

• To assist you in those moments of weakness

• Before and after photos

• Any other photo that motivates you

5. Inspirational quotes and tips arranged by common weight loss challenges

• Food cravings tips

• Exercise laziness tips

• Family meals tips

• And many others!

6. Get rewards – good points program, virtual fashion items

• Get "Healthy lifestyle" points and virtual rewards for doing the right thing - A really fun game-like experience!

7. Customize your avatar with the virtual fashion items you get (for women only)

• It's fun, interactive and super motivating

• Game like experience

8. Lose even more weight with My Diet Coach - Pro. By purchasing the Pro you can also get:

• Food cravings panic button and panic tips

• Weight chart (In addition to the tracker)

• Body measurements chart

• Diet diary with calorie counter, exercise calorie burned and meals journal

• Water consumption tracker

• BMI calculator

• More...

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Veena Pahuja 4 years ago

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it is not providing features of pro

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Ingrid Taina 4 years ago

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me ajudou muito eu sou gordinha e n comia ND de verduras agr eu como eu quero agradecer quem criou eu estou ate emagrecendo mais obg

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